Summer Programs

Live Summer Associate Programs

Everything has changed. And no one gets a second chance to make a first impression. Now is the time to stand out with workshops specifically designed for summer associate programs. All programs incorporate:

  • Engaging, interactive content – including prizes.
  • Careful customization for each firm.
  • Best practices for learning.
  • Actionable tools to help summer associates provide value.
  • Materials to reinforce learning, including a detailed Roadmap for Summer Success.

Ace Your Summer

Ace Your Summer empowers summer associates to make the most of their summer program. This program provides detailed guidance on the two biggest jobs of summer: acing assignments and building relationships. This engaging program is designed to help your firm stand out with programming that summer associates will remember and appreciate.

Summer associates receive key guidance on the essential activities of summer – from receiving and completing assignments, to crafting the perfect transmittal email, and then finessing the social hour. The program also covers getting feedback and handling mistakes in the hybrid environment.

Ace Your Summer is interactive, entertaining, and highly practical. And it helps summer associates avoid common pitfalls and shine every day. The program also includes a step-by-step Roadmap for Summer Success to help summer associates stay on track and thrive. Additional detailed follow-up materials support summer associates throughout the rest of the summer.

Bring Your Best: Building Resilience + Managing Stress

We are still in unchartered territory. Law students are stressed and face unprecedented distractions. That can impact learning and impair judgment.

Bring Your Best arms summer associates with science-based skills to build resilience and stay focused in the face of challenges. Specifically designed for the hybrid work environment, the program delivers actionable strategies for summer associates to empower their success.

Participants learn to face challenges and setbacks with a growth mindset, to reframe “failure,” identify and overcome Impostor Syndrome, and to channel stress into productive action. Live interaction and follow-up materials reinforce the learning.

This workshop is a great complement to firm wellness programs. After the program, participants have reported being, “confident” and “hopeful.”

Bring Your Best will set your firm apart and help keep summer associates engaged and productive with key skills they can use throughout their careers.

DiSC Power Hour Summer Associate Edition

This one-of-a-kind DiSC Work Style Power Hour builds self-awareness and helps summer associates learn about themselves and their colleagues.

The inspiration for the program came from law firm requests for summer programming that combines social elements with learning.

This fast-paced program highlights differences in work styles and personality types and provides strategies to help lawyers and law students increase their EQ.

Each summer associate receives an individual DiSC assessment to keep. And participants can pair up to create unlimited comparison reports. The reports serve as custom guides to help summer associates hone their individual communication and collaboration skills.

Participants learn about the DiSC Work Styles and ways to work more effectively with others. The program includes breakout sessions for networking and sharing insights. And with “ah-ha” moments all around, the conversations can continue about anything under the sun. Just add ice.

Power Habits: Boosting Performance with the Science of Habits

It’s never too early to build sound habits for practice management – or life. When facing stressors or distractions, people typically respond instinctively. Sometimes those responses help the situation. Sometimes they don’t. People may freeze or get defensive when receiving constructive criticism. They may delay work on stretch assignments. But these reactions are not fate.

Going beyond the traditional notion of habits, this science-based program helps participants build skills to boost performance throughout their careers. Highly interactive, the program covers specific strategies to help participants take positive, proactive action.

Participants learn how reflexive behaviors take hold. Armed with that knowledge, the program then dives into ways to interrupt or replace unhelpful behaviors, such as procrastination or ruminating after a mistake. Topics include disrupting cues and substituting reactions.

Then the program provides specific strategies to help participants boost performance. They learn how to make a habit of getting out of their comfort zones, how to instinctively take positive action after a mistake, and how to navigate difficult conversations. Specific topics are customized to complement other programming and follow up materials reinforce learning. Participants will thank you for helping them make sound choices – even under stress.