Individual Career Guidance aka, “Private Lessons”

The challenges facing lawyers are greater than ever. And many high-performing lawyers need focused, skills-based coaching to advance. To help firms protect their investment in talent, I accept a limited number of individual engagements.

The goal is clear-cut: to ensure that lawyers have sustainable, productive, and profitable practices.

I provide career insights and guidance based on my experience working with lawyers for more than 25 years in a variety of settings, including an associate and law firm partner, a client of outside counsel, and as a consultant.

This isn’t coaching to explore the meaning of life. Working with lawyers and the firm, we develop a tailored action plan. The private lessons then focus on specific skills to achieve key outcomes. And the firm receives progress updates throughout the process.

Individual sessions provide focused training to help lawyers manage their practices and advance. Key focus areas include:

  • Managing and capturing time,
  • Communicating credibly,
  • Adding value, and
  • Building business.

To make the coaching most effective, the process starts with a needs and goals assessment and a DiSC Workplace Assessment. Lawyers must complete homework between meetings. And to sustain learning, engagements include follow-up email consultations.

“Grover is the Associate Whisperer.”

Lauren Symington, Director of Human Resources and Talent Management, Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

“As a “baby shark,” I worked with Grover for career counseling during my second year of practice in a law firm. I felt comfortable talking with him right away. As someone who knows the law firm environment well but was not actually affiliated with my firm, he provided me with insightful advice and an understanding ear. He helped me create and work toward realistic goals to allow me to take steps to steer my career. I highly recommend him to any junior associate looking for guidance in navigating the legal profession.”

Melissa Barrett, Associate, Thompson Hine LLP