About Grover E. Cleveland

Grover E. Cleveland is a Seattle lawyer, speaker and the author of the bestselling career advice book for new lawyers, Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: The Essential Guide to Thriving as a New Lawyer published by West.

Grover is passionate about helping new lawyers thrive. He is a regular speaker on career success for law students and new lawyers, including presentations and seminars at law firms of all sizes; ABA, NALP, PDC, and LGBT Bar Association national conferences; and law schools, including Harvard. His presentations cover the practical skills new graduates need to become better lawyers faster and provide more value to clients.

A recognized expert on new lawyer success, Grover is also a frequent contributor to national legal publications. His career column, Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: Practical Advice for New Lawyers, appears in prominent law blogs, including Above the Law and Ms. JD. His articles have also appeared in ABA, NALP and other legal publications, as well as American Lawyer Media’s Careerist blog.

He was a summer associate, associate, and a partner at Foster Pepper PLLC, one of the Northwest’s larger law firms. His clients included the Seattle Seahawks as well as other companies owned by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.

A lawyer for more than 20 years, Grover has overseen the work of other lawyers in all stages of practice. He has also been the client to outside counsel. This broad range of experience gives him a unique perspective on the skills new lawyers need to succeed.

He is not related to the 22nd and 24th President of the United States.