The Essential Guide That Has Become Required Reading at Leading Global Law Firms

Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks is composed of stand-alone essays with critical advice to help new lawyers ensure their success. It starts with important steps graduates can take even before they begin work. With an easily readable style, the book continues to teach new lawyers the ropes from their first day on the job.

Topics to help new lawyers thrive include:

  • Building relationships with senior lawyers
  • Time management
  • Working with opposing counsel
  • Negotiating and deposition tips
  • Networking and business development
  • Client relations, and much more.

Humorous real-life examples illustrate the lessons along with bulleted tips in sidebars and two-page spreads that provide comprehensive advice quickly.

Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks contains hundreds of practical tips gathered from dozens of lawyers with the advice they wish they had had when they started practicing law. The goal is simple: To help new lawyers succeed.

The book even provides tips on how to leave a job with grace – just in case.