Life Savers: Thank You!

Just a few of the many people who have helped me with the book are listed below.

From my star editor Michelle Adkerson, to my agent, Penny Nelson, friends who nudged and nudged me to keep writing, to Greg Guelda in Costa Rica who came up with the title, and my publisher, West Academic, the help and encouragement I have received have been profoundly humbling.

Alex Wagner
Alice Ostdiek
Allen D. Israel
Allison Schwartzman
Andrew Kamins
Andrew Sachs
Barbara Lynn Pedersen
Ben Danis
Bob Burns
Cathy Johnson
Chris Erker
Chris Pepin
Christopher Zachar
D. Michelle Adkerson
Dave Buchholz
Dave Horn
David Goodenough
Don Anderson
Don Botts
Emily Stubbs
Foster Pepper PLLC
Greg Guelda in Costa Rica
Gregg Rodgers

Isaac RuizJ.D. Fugate
James Puckett
Jamie Pedersen
Jason Stone
John Stanley
Joanne Fleming
Jon Schneider
Karen Reed
Ken Leppert Jr.
Kim Turner
Kristen Gestaut
Kimberly Harris
Kyle Branum
Lori Nomura
Lori Salzurulo
Marcia Cleveland
Mark Alstead
Mark Nielsen
Mary Carolyn Boothby
Matt Cohen
Michael Gotham
Michael J. Epstein, Esq.
Mike Schechter

Nicholas L. Smith
Pam Bissonnette
Patrick McNierney
Penny Nelson
Richard Wood
Rita Alli
Rob Castro
Rob Lehman
Rod Dembowski
Roxanne Birkel
Sam Castic
Sarah Cleveland
Seann Hallisky
Spencer Cotton II
Susan Bannier
Staci Herr
Stephen Teply
Stefan Mallen
Steve DiJulio
Struan Robertson
Sydney Sigman
Wade Harman
Wendy L. Werner